I have a controversial opinion: I LOVE people!

 Extrovert? I don’t know you tell me.

(Stay tuned for the next blog)

Below I’ve compiled a few short stories of the amazing humans I’ve connected with since being on the road. Some are short and easy, while others are longer and more intimate. I’ve broken them up so you can decide which one you have the attention span for today. No judgment, my ADD brain just wants “the good one” too. So I’ve rated them accordingly.

1 Beer 🍺= simple and easy, made me smile

2 Beers🍺🍺= Definitely felt a connection, but probably will forget. 

3 Beers🍺🍺🍺= Wow, my day is made!

4 Beers🍺🍺🍺 🍺= My heart is over flowing with human connection!! Will not forget this moment. 10/10 would recommend to family or friend.

THE Beer– 1 Beer 🍺

While walking down the road we spotted a gentleman sitting on a bus stop bench, no shoes, no shirt, just laid out soaking up the hot sun. I nudge Kevin and say “This guy knows what’s up”. I was just going to pass by, but while walking by Kevin asks “Havin’ a good day, yeah?” the gentleman not only smiled but said, “yeah, now all I need is a cold beer”. Fast-forward an hour or so, we were on our way to the Banff Art Center in the car when we see him still at the bus stop. An idea sprouted in my brain “should we give him that beer?”
I slow the car to a crawl, roll down the window, Kevin pulls a cold one out and ask “Still want that beer?” The gentleman was so stunned and happy that he and Kevin exchanged the awkward high five you do when you’re not sure what is a dream or reality.

Bonded by Fusion– 3 Beers 🍺🍺🍺

The sun was already tucked away for the night, and it was a mad rush to get the entire tourist mob smashed into the gondolas and off Sulfur Mountain. We got paired up with two Aussie girls for our gondola ride down. We engaged in simple chit chat about the sunset, the mountains, and what not. It wasn’t until the very end that they asked us how Kevin and I knew each other. We simply replied together “Instagram!” then evacuated the gondola like Denzel Washington walking away from an explosion like nothing had happened. They were not happy! Walking to the car, they chased after us demanding they hear this millennial love story. Next thing I know Kevin and one of Aussies are hugging and bonding over the fact that they both have had an L5, S1 fusion back surgery.

A Slackline is an open Invitation– 2 Beers 🍺🍺

How do you make a happy Shelby? You set out a snack table of salami, good cheese, crackers, chocolate, and put up a slackline in the sun. While I’m dancing between the trees and munching on chocolate I hear, “Hey you guys!” I quickly hop off the line ready with my plea to let us continue to slack on the tip of my tongue. Until I see whom the voice came from, a longhaired, French Canadian, wearing snowboard pants. He was a fellow slacker and was just passing through when he saw the line and had to come over. We talked about lines, places, and all of the things in between. He gave us beta on a local Highline and even exchanged contacts. There’s only a thin 1 inch line that stands between you and making friends.

Moose Tacos! – 4 Beers 🍺 🍺🍺🍺

Now this, this is what I live for. Fast-forward to a few days of being on the road solo, it can get a little hard for this girl (next blog).
After dropping off Kevin in Calgary, I trekked up to Liard Hot Springs in the northern rockies of British Columbia. I sat in the hot sulfur water for a bit and next thing I knew I was neck deep in conversations with everyone there. Shared some wonderful stories and learned more about these Canadian lands. Then slowly, one by one people started to leave so I decided it might be best to break out my book.
“Hey, would you like to come over for moose tacos tonight?”; I’m not sure what startled me more, the offer or the fact that she just said moose tacos.
I walked over with two cold beers in hand, took off my muddy boots and sat down in this warm beautiful camper. And let me just say, moose tacos are delicious!! We thanked the 11 yr old son who shot the moose himself earlier in the season as we gorged ourselves. We talked about environmental sustainability, politics, guns, siblings, and of course shared pictures of our beloved pets. We finished off the night with a round of banana-grams and roaring laughter filled the camper. I gave my many (probably too many) thanks as I slipped my boots back on and walked to my car only lit by my headlamp. This, this is what I live for.

-Shelby Lynn

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