Levels of Happiness According to a Traveling Millennial

Growing up I spent most of my time running around barefoot, loitering, playing sports, and exploring the enchanted forests that surrounded my house.

Disclaimer; those were actually drug invested swampy sections of trees that broke up the constant line of houses in the suburbs of Florida.

We didn’t have cell phones and social media apps BUT we did have cartoons, and lord knows that not only do I love cartoons now but I lived off them as a kid. My sunrises were not spent taking pictures of mountains, but melting my brain into a puddle of Ren and Stimpy, Looney Tunes, and Roco’s Modern Life.

I still see the world as an outlandish funny cartoon, and I hope I can make you chuckle with the things that I (try to) bring to life.

-Shelby Lynn

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