Extrovert’s Survival Guide to Solo Road Trips

Have you ever left a conversation with someone and felt drained, entertained, but drained of your energy?

You likely had an interaction with a parasitic alien species that feeds off the energy of others. Commonly known as an extrovert.

If you kept an extrovert in a group of people and slowly added a person every ten minutes you would observe the extrovert get louder, use grander gestures, and turn a story about a 20-foot cliff into a 60-foot cliff. Leave the extrovert alone for longer than 24 hours you will watch as their eyelids get heavy and levels of grumpiness increase.

Okay, all jokes aside; I am an extrovert to the fullest extent. So why did I not think driving to Alaska alone would be hard? I’ve had to find really interesting ways to stay energized, engaged, and sane while driving through some pretty desolate country.

If you’re an extrovert struggling with solitude, feel free to take notes! If you’re an introvert, please use this as a good chuckle.

Social Media;

If you’re lucky enough sometimes mountain summits will have great service! Pull off the road to a safe spot and ENGAGE! Open every social media platform and revel in the dump of videos, words, and shared experiences. I use to call it “melting my brain”, but now it feels like an energy boost!


Audio books are good too, but typically a podcast will involve more than one person and are usually casual in context and setting. Now, you are not only NOT alone, but feel like you’re apart of a conversation with others!

Giving Talks…to no one;

It sounds bizarre and a little crazy but coming from a public speaking background, I spent countless hours talking to walls. I may not be practicing for a tournament or a big talk anymore but, speaking helps me get my ideas out. This is actually, exactly where this blog post started…me talking to my windshield.

I’ve been struggling with the dichotomy of “I should feel content and liberated with solitude” and “happiness is only real when shared”. I think I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t have to be one or the other, but a mix.

This is what I do know; connecting with people ignites a beam of light that seeps out of every orifice and crack of my heart. Until then, I’ll just keep talking to my windshield and April the succulent.

-Shelby Lynn

Above photo by; Jose Romero

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