About Me

Does anyone else feel like an “About me” is a lot like when you go around the classroom and tell everyone your major and one “unique” thing about you?

I feel like you’ll learn a lot more about me in my writing and the shenanigans I get myself into but I guess everything needs a back story.

Oh Florida, the first state I called home. I learned every single word to every Jimmy Buffet song, how to breathe 90% humidity, and how to ride an alligator. Okay, the last one was a lie (sorta). I did, however, spend A LOT of time outside and on the water.

I lived the perfect suburban life, complete with carpools to practice and summer camp every year. The only catch was, my family, didn’t belong there. My parents are actually more adventurous than I am. They instilled a thirst for life and exploration at a very young age. Cue the teenage angst, “I need to climb a mountain! Not learn algebra!”

After my first two years at college, I decided to drive to Salt Lake City, work at a ski shop for a season, and learn to snowboard. I didn’t realize that simple decision would lead me to the outdoor industry. I kept my promise, moved back home, started working at gear shops, and earned my Bachelor’s in Sports Exercise Science. My mom calls it my “dodge ball degree”. I can’t blame her, I did play dodge ball for a full semester.

Fast forward to the present. I was lucky enough to have a backpack company take a chance on me. In a very weird chain of events (you’ll read about it, trust me), I landed myself in Boulder, CO. Since then this little blonde flatlander has been experiencing the outdoor industry and all of the adventures that come with it.

I love getting people stoked and playing. If you can’t join me outside, I hope I can bring the stoke to you through here.

-Shelby Lynn

Above photo by Jose Romero


Photo by Jose Romero
Photo by Nathan Kelly
Photo by Kevin Weaver