I Vow To Live An Extraordinary Life

Dark spaces, they love to greet us with open arms. I had just started my first year of college and I sat in that dark space for a long time. At the ripe age of 19, I saw very little light in the world. It wasn’t until one night that I decided I was over that sh*t! I whipped out my phone, let the screen illuminate my face in the darkness of my room and furiously started typing. Little did I know that what fell out of my fingertips late that night would end up being my personal mantra for this life I lead.

2/22/14       17:22

After today, I vow that every morning when I wake I will greet the sun as it rises with a positive attitude and pure gratitude.

To thank life that I’ve been given another day.

I vow that though I may not have an adventure every day, I will soak up every bit of that day.

I vow that every person I meet I will have an impact on, even if it’s small. I will pass on my kindness in hopes that it will reach another.

I vow to respect and accept every person and perspective they may have.

I vow to live my dreams and reach my goals, no matter how silly they may be. To be careful but still face all my fears.

I vow to live an extraordinary life, and always give everything, everything I have.

-Shelby Lynn

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