Where In The World

“What do you want to do with your life?”

“I don’t know, everything I guess”.

It was a popular question leading up to my final weeks at the University of Central Florida. Although known for its parties, prime location for nightlife, and beaches; UCF is also known for their cutting-edge engineering programs and cut-throat nursing. So, it shouldn’t have surprised me that I always got very concerned looks in response to my cavalier answer.

   I often walk the line (Johnny Cash starts to play) of feeling like I have the ambitions of a cockroach and like I’m running out of time to do what I want, which is an overwhelming number of things. Combine those desires, with ADD, being impulsive, and high energy, it’s no wonder why people say I’m hard to track down.  I’ve been known to go sky diving without telling anyone, buy a plane ticket before getting work off, and go solo backpacking on a Tuesday.

   I love to share stories, it’s how I process things. As much as I love to share, simply put, I suck at it. My family and close friends are usually left in the dust on my whereabouts (except my mom, she’s had a tracker on me since I was 16).

    The day after I graduated high school I vowed to live an extraordinary life. I work very hard every single second of the day to follow through with that. I want nothing more than to share the moments of exhilaration on a highline or climb, laughter around a campfire while sitting on an inflatable alligator, fear of not being enough, and all the peanut butter and duct tape that holds it together.

  What you might not know, is that I’ve been documenting my life in journals (or as every older gentleman on a plane refers to them as a diary). I might not be able to put my doodles drawn in crayon and polaroid’s on here, but I plan on sharing as much as I can. Maybe then people will stop asking “where in the world is Shelby Lynn?”.

-Shelby Lynn

Above Photo by Jose Romero

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